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Winter break.

I may post a bit during the next month, but mostly I am going to be organizing my house and recovering from this hellish semester. Next semester, I will be taking Figure Painting and Portraiture classes, so lots of painting people. Painting people isn’t my best thing, so that should be interesting. My midpoint review is coming up this summer, so I need to be putting that together as well.

Situation and Environment: Final Painting

I just turned in this painting for my final project in Situation and Environment class. As with every project this semester, I was absolutely under the gun doing it, and I know it sure as heck is not perfect. But I guess it is good enough to upload for viewing here. The model is my mother. Oil on canvas, 24″x18″.15_graysm.jpg 

A pastel

I hesitate to post this, because it is only the second pastel I’ve ever tried to do, and the first pastel was just the week before last. I was really not confident about pastels, but after this one, I feel a lot better and I am looking forward to the pastel self-portrait we will be doing as out final project. Some areas are more developed than others because I was really focused on the face. This is from Academy reference and it’s about 16″x20″.12_graysm.jpg 

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