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Quick Study #4

10×8″ oil on panel of our deceased, and greatly missed old greyhound, Blur’s Teeberry (aka “Sparky”), who died in the spring of 2005. I spent 30 minutes on this one.


Quick Study #3

Another quick study I like. This one will most likely be developed into a finished painting for midterm. 8×10″ (or thereabouts) on panel, oil.

Quick Study #2

This is from my own reference and the theme is “anything to do with water.” This is clouds reflecting in tidal pools and I completed it in 25 minutes. Oil on panel.

Quick Study #1

So, I am in this “Quick Studies” class where we have a timer, and we have to complete a study in the allotted amount of time. There’s no time for farting around with precise drawing and all that. I did about six of the things, three 20-minute studies and three 40-minute studies. I do hope I improve over the course of the semester, but this is the best of the first batch. 40 minutes, oil on panel.

Back from break … I think.

I couldn’t get motivated to post any paintings I did this summer – sorry! This semester I am taking a class in “Quick Studies” which I hope will yield lots of good work. I like to work fast anyway and this class will be about maximizing efficiency in pieces done in less than an hour’s time. Watch this space!

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