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Tomatoes in a window

This is a finished painting based on one of the trillions of quick studies I have been doing this semester. 24″x18″, oil on panel.


Quick Study #4

10×8″ oil on panel of our deceased, and greatly missed old greyhound, Blur’s Teeberry (aka “Sparky”), who died in the spring of 2005. I spent 30 minutes on this one.

Quick Study #3

Another quick study I like. This one will most likely be developed into a finished painting for midterm. 8×10″ (or thereabouts) on panel, oil.

Quick Study #2

This is from my own reference and the theme is “anything to do with water.” This is clouds reflecting in tidal pools and I completed it in 25 minutes. Oil on panel.

Quick Study #1

So, I am in this “Quick Studies” class where we have a timer, and we have to complete a study in the allotted amount of time. There’s no time for farting around with precise drawing and all that. I did about six of the things, three 20-minute studies and three 40-minute studies. I do hope I improve over the course of the semester, but this is the best of the first batch. 40 minutes, oil on panel.

I figure painting I actually like

This is one of the weekly 6-hour paintings we have been doing all semester. I have liked very little of what I have produced, up until the last few weeks when we have been required to place our figure in an environment. Gee, I should have just been doing that all along, because my figures have improved since she started having us do that. This is oil on canvasboard, about 14″ tall.

Wait, what? The time, it gets away from me

This semester is killing me! I guess I am learning a lot. Here are some recent highlights:

A self-portrait, circa 2003, which was beyond my capabilities at the time, but which I did for class this year. Oil on canvas, 18″x24″:
Self Portrait with Cat
A self-portrait which is current, five years and one child later, oil on canvas 16″x20″:
Self Portrait with Art
A painting of Alex at the piano, not finished, 18″x20″:
Alex at the Piano

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