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Master copy: Jean Broc “The Death of Hyacinth”

I have, embarrassingly, never painted an old master copy before. I have drawn plenty, but never painted. This one is for Situation and Environment class. It’s Jean Broc’s The Death of Hyacinth, a kind of obscure subject by an obscure painter, but I am considering giving it as a gift to a pagan friend who has Apollo as a patron (Apollo is the taller guy embracing the kid who has just been whacked in the head with a discus.) As always with these class paintings, I did not have a lot of time to do it, and so there are plenty of problems. The values on the bodies aren’t pushed enough, and the rendering is sloppy. Apollo’s fabric is clumsy. I had to reposition the discus. And so on. But overall, I’m happy enough with it. 16″x20″, oil on canvas.



Here’s something: quick study, Napa Valley again

This is a quick study where I am supposed to be pushing a red analgous palette. I don’t know that it is entirely successful, but I guess it’s reasonably attractive if you like this sort of thing (which I am not sure I do.) Oil on canvasboard, 14″x11″.


Lots going on …

… but not too much to show. Over the past weekend I attended a course in the technical aspects of making art, which was held in Massachussetts by Rob Howard of Art Boot Camp. It was pretty wonderful – not only did I learn a lot, I met some great people and had a fun time, even though I missed my boys.

I am currently working on four large projects for school: two portraits of my husband for Head Drawing; a 30″x24″ landscape painting based on the Pescadero Beach study posted just below; and two 30″x24″ paintings for situation and Environment class which are due in a couple of weeks. Time permitting I am also sketching and working on a more casual assignment from Rob at the Cennini Forum, and also packing up my house for a move in less than two weeks. Can’t say I don’t have anything to do, that’s for sure! Image posting may be sporadic for the next few weeks, but if I have something interesting I will try to put it up.

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