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Learning color. For real.

On the recommendation of some very accomplished artists on the Cennini Forum, I got a copy of The New Munsell Student Color Set. This is a ring-bound book that explains the Munsell system of color via a series of exercises, many revolving around included color chips. The main exercise is to take the chips and fasten them in their correct places on a series of color charts. You have to figure out for yourself where the chips correctly go.

This sounds tedious in explanation, but I have already learned an enormous amount just by arranging these damn little things. Before, I was always very hazy on the concept of value vs. the concept of chroma (or intensity) but a few go rounds of figuring out where these chips go has cured me right of that. I’ve also managed to start picking up the meaning of the notation system. I don’t imagine myself describing a color as 5 YR 6/10 but in the future when someone else does, I’ll know what it is that they’re talking about.


Today’s open studio drawing

Where does the time go? I have mostly been working on the monster portrait these last two weeks. Last week I attended an open studio but I didn’t leave with a drawing that I felt was worth sharing. (We all have those weeks!) This week I am back at the Atlanta Artists’ Center, where I’ll be the remainder of the holiday season, because the smaller drawing group closer to home is evicted from their studio for the month.

This drawing is in graphite; it’s roughly 14″ x 14″ and it took approximately an hour and 45 minutes.

Drawing, 11-27-06

Today’s drawing

I attended a different open studio today. This one meets a little closer to my home than the Atlanta Artist Center, and they are actively looking for new members. I will probably attend both studios as my needs dictate.

This week’s model was a young man of Pakistani descent. He had a fantastic head, so that’s what I tackled. I was positioned a bit below him, so the view of his face is foreshortened, and I’m still not sure how well I pulled that off. Getting home and viewing the drawing with a snapshot taken from my angle, I can see I got a lot right, but his nose is too long and his upper lip too small. I worried about that there, and to be honest, I couldn’t see that well. Next time I do a head drawing, I move in much closer.

Ren, 11-13-06

Yesterday’s Figure Drawing

I made it to the Monday open studio at the Atlanta Artists’ Center yesterday. It was a great atmosphere with an excellent model and friendly, supportive artists. It’d been so long since I’d sketched from a live model, I was a bit intimidated at first, but I got into a reasonable rhythm. I came away with a decent drawing, but getting her head right threw me for a loop, so I just erased it. I know it doesn’t look right. Gotta keep going!

sketch 11/6/06

I worked a good bit on the monster portrait last week and I will be working more this week. Maybe I’ll get far enough to post a photo.

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