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Tomatoes in a window

This is a finished painting based on one of the trillions of quick studies I have been doing this semester. 24″x18″, oil on panel.


Situation and Environment: Final Painting

I just turned in this painting for my final project in Situation and Environment class. As with every project this semester, I was absolutely under the gun doing it, and I know it sure as heck is not perfect. But I guess it is good enough to upload for viewing here. The model is my mother. Oil on canvas, 24″x18″.15_graysm.jpg 

A pastel

I hesitate to post this, because it is only the second pastel I’ve ever tried to do, and the first pastel was just the week before last. I was really not confident about pastels, but after this one, I feel a lot better and I am looking forward to the pastel self-portrait we will be doing as out final project. Some areas are more developed than others because I was really focused on the face. This is from Academy reference and it’s about 16″x20″.12_graysm.jpg 

Master copy: Jean Broc “The Death of Hyacinth”

I have, embarrassingly, never painted an old master copy before. I have drawn plenty, but never painted. This one is for Situation and Environment class. It’s Jean Broc’s The Death of Hyacinth, a kind of obscure subject by an obscure painter, but I am considering giving it as a gift to a pagan friend who has Apollo as a patron (Apollo is the taller guy embracing the kid who has just been whacked in the head with a discus.) As always with these class paintings, I did not have a lot of time to do it, and so there are plenty of problems. The values on the bodies aren’t pushed enough, and the rendering is sloppy. Apollo’s fabric is clumsy. I had to reposition the discus. And so on. But overall, I’m happy enough with it. 16″x20″, oil on canvas.


Pescadero Beach

from Academy reference, 18″x14″ oil on canvasboard. A real quickie – I probably spent about three hours on it.

Bargue copy

CarbOthello pastel pencils on Strathmore velvet gray.

This one has no title

This is the first original painting I have done in any class yet this semester. They’ve been having us do things from reference they supply. This assignment took three weeks from start to finish. We shot photos specifcally for the assignment, and the instructor approved them after suggesting changes. Then we started the painting. I guess I spent about 35-40 hours on this one, which is a hell of a long time for me because I tend to rush, and all my other assignments have kind of suffered, including the Napa landscape below that I posted yesterday. There are things about this painting I am not happy with and I will probably revise – main thing is that the small painting to the right is very abrupt and incomplete to me. When the semester is over I am going to work more on this, because I think this painting could really be a keeper. 24″x18″, oil on canvas.

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