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Pescadero Beach

from Academy reference, 18″x14″ oil on canvasboard. A real quickie – I probably spent about three hours on it.


Bargue copy

CarbOthello pastel pencils on Strathmore velvet gray.

This one has no title

This is the first original painting I have done in any class yet this semester. They’ve been having us do things from reference they supply. This assignment took three weeks from start to finish. We shot photos specifcally for the assignment, and the instructor approved them after suggesting changes. Then we started the painting. I guess I spent about 35-40 hours on this one, which is a hell of a long time for me because I tend to rush, and all my other assignments have kind of suffered, including the Napa landscape below that I posted yesterday. There are things about this painting I am not happy with and I will probably revise – main thing is that the small painting to the right is very abrupt and incomplete to me. When the semester is over I am going to work more on this, because I think this painting could really be a keeper. 24″x18″, oil on canvas.

Another Napa landscape

From Academy reference. 24″x18″, oil on cheap, warped canvas. I’ve never been to Napa Valley but I am certainly getting experience with painting it this semester.

More heads

A couple more from Head Drawing class – again, CarbOthello pastel pencils on Strathmore velvet gray paper.


Draped female figure in interior

For Situation and Environment class. We were given a model reference, and we had to put her in an interior scene. So, much of this is out of my imagination. It was timed – a six-hour assignment. The hands are pretty crude, but in other ways I am pretty happy with this one. I used Studio Products’ Maroger medium and that was fun. I have not been using any mediums at all for months, just a little turpentine here and there as a diluent, and I had forgotten how nice a good medium looks and feels. Oil on canvas, 18″x14″.


Quick paintings

For Landscape and Situation and Environment classes, we’re doing a ton of fast, small paintings from Academy-supplied reference. Most of these haven’t been worth putting up, but here are a couple that I think turned out OK, given the complexity of the reference photos and the time limitations we had to work within. Both are 11″x14″ on canvas – oils, of course.


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