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Still Life showing focal point through edge control

I’m not sure how successful this one is for the assignment it’s supposed to address, but I kind of like it anyway. I was under the gun to finish it, so I didn’t tone down the colors, but applied them full-strength. I know many people like the really bright colors, but I’m really and genuinely starting to prefer more muted tones. Oh well – this one would work in someone’s contemporarily-styled kitchen, I suppose! 20″ x 16″, oil on canvas.


Still Life in Interior

This one is 20″x16″ on canvas (woo-hoo! Not on canvasboard! I’m movin’ on up, to THE sky!)


Interior Subject: “Unusual Suspects”

The assignment is to do a “found” interior still life of something mundane – something you wouldn’t normally think to paint. I give you – my kitchen sink. Aside from some perspective issues, I kind of like it, I guess. Oil on canvasboard, 14″ x 11″.

Art announcements

I’ve started to offer some of my work for sale again, after a selling hiatus of several years.

A small number of originals are offered at very low prices on Etsy. At this point, these are all class assignments that are too good to cover over to reuse the panel, but they’re starting to take over my tiny studio space, so they need homes.

My Etsy shop is at this link.

And, prints of my best paintings are available for even lower prices on Imagekind. Imagekind offers framing and matting as well for an additional cost.

My Imagekind gallery is at this link.

Simple still life with apple and onion

11″x14″, oil on canvasboard. I like this one a little better than the last few, although it is far from the best. I find that the more I learn, the more critical I am.
ETA: I guess I should note that I did this alla prima.


Simple still life with full palette

I’m really not thrilled with this one at all, but I am posting it just to get it out there. Constructive criticism accepted! I really had issues with the values on the plastic bottle. I’m a little happier with the metal brush cleaner. The ellipses on the bottle and the brush cleaner could be a lot better. I am happiest with the paint tubes and their cast shadows. 11×14″, oil on canvasboard.


Complex still life with limited palette

This one was tough and I’m not really all that thrilled with it, but I guess it’s good enough to post here. 11×14″ on canvas panel, using a limited palette of ivory black, titanium white, lemon yellow, alizarin crimson, and ultramarine blue.

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