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Wait, what? The time, it gets away from me

This semester is killing me! I guess I am learning a lot. Here are some recent highlights:

A self-portrait, circa 2003, which was beyond my capabilities at the time, but which I did for class this year. Oil on canvas, 18″x24″:
Self Portrait with Cat
A self-portrait which is current, five years and one child later, oil on canvas 16″x20″:
Self Portrait with Art
A painting of Alex at the piano, not finished, 18″x20″:
Alex at the Piano


Weekly figure painting #4

Woo-hoo, we got to use a full palette! This jpeg, though, really washed out the colors, and I am having a hard time getting it right in Photoshop. Or rather, it looks fine in Photoshop but crappy when I upload it anywhere. 12″x16″, oil on canvas.


Weekly figure painting #3

This one is larger: 22″x28″. Still the same limited palette of white, burnt umber, burnt sienna and yellow ochre. I find that glazing yields effects that look a little like blues and purples. My handling of hands and feet is still weak, but is it really laziness on my part at this point? Probably so. I’d honestly rather be painting interiors or landscapes.gray_fphw1sm.jpg

Weekly figure painting #2

Limited palette again: burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, white. I had a bit of trouble with the far leg, the one that is crossing in the back, so maybe it looks a bit awkward?


Weekly figure study

This is again from Academy reference. It took about 3 hours and it is on a 9″x12″ board. The only colors used are white, burnt umber, burnt sienna and yellow ochre pale.


Portrait of Richard

From Academy reference. Oil on board, roughly 16″x20″.

Hello again.

First assignment for portrait painting class, a quick oil sketch of my husband.


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