School starts!

Well, I am officially a graduate student. Classes started yesterday and I’ve jumped right in. I am taking a figure studio, which is an introduction to traditional gigure drawing techniques; a course on chiarscuro, where we learn about rendering form using light and dark; and a liberal arts class about how classical philosophy influenced the Renaissance. For the liberal arts class, I had to write a couple of answers to some fairly simple questions last night, a feat which drove home just how long it has been since I’ve been in school and how much my mind has overgrown with ivy and cobwebs. On the other hand, I breezed through the reading and got a 100% on the quiz.B

Both the figure studio and the chiarscuro classes have some overlap. In both of them, my first assignment is to draw ellipses. I am terrible at drawing ellipses, but I think the instruction will be helpful. I remember at ACA turning in a project and getting yelled at for having sloppy ellipses, but they never taught us how to draw them!

In hindsight, it seems apparent that at ACA we were expected to learn technique on our own time. Looking back, my time there seems a terrible waste of time and money. I really, really wish that I had been just slightly more mature and adventuresome when I was young.  I knew there were schools out there teaching what I wanted to learn, but they were in faraway places and they cost money. I really should have taken out student loans and gone to the school I wanted to. It’s too late now, but it’s not too late to make up for all I didn’t learn.


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