About that grisaille.

I did that little grisaille of Gus on a whim starting last Thursday. I used Studio Product’s premixed grays set to do it. That set is one of the more useful art items I have ever bought. In addition to using it to do grisaille paintings, it’s also great for mixing into tube colors to lower the chroma. Anyway I’m trying to decide whether to tweak the grisaille, or start glazing and fix those little things as I go.

I’m also trying to decide whether I should take it in and show my teacher. It’s certain that his training on how to work with value helped me do this painting, but I have a feeling that if I show it to him, he will rip it to shreds, because that’s what art teachers do. I sound like a real wuss, don’t I? I guess I have to take it in now, after writing that. He does have a nasty habit of drawing on his students’ works. I will have to tell him up front that if he touches that painting, he’s lost a student. Politely.


1 Response to “About that grisaille.”

  1. 1 David Rourke October 16, 2006 at 2:10 pm


    I know how you feel. My goal with my teacher has been to get him to make more and more subtle comments on my work, with no hope that he’d ever just say it’s fine. No teacher should touch your work without asking first.

    Thanks for the link!

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