This is a relaunched personal art blog. I initially set this up at *shudder* MySpace, but I’ve decided their blogging interface is primitive and the ads are more than annoying. So here’s a link back to that blog, and I will also add that link to the sidebar.

I first began blogging on Blogger in 2002, and have continued intermittantly since then. The first incarnation was simply a personal journal; a few months in, I began blogging about politics and current events; by the summer of 2003, I was posting drawings and paintings as well as opinion pieces. I took a break that fall, restarted again briefly on a Type Pad platform (which I hated), took another break, then started the general-interest blog up again on Blogger. I kept that one up decently until this spring, after I had my son Augustin. It’s still there for anyone who is interested. This time I feel the need to focus on mostly art, so that’s why I am doing this. I may post at the Blogger blog again at some point, should I feel the need to write something extensively non-art-related


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